Christmas 2023

Christmas 2023

re.venture is committed to a better, fairer world.

Bei re.venture glauben wir, dass echter Geschäftserfolg Hand in Hand geht mit sozialem Engagement. In diesem Geiste haben wir uns dieses Jahr erneut dazu entschieden, anstelle von Weihnachtsgeschenken, Spenden an sorgfältig ausgewählte gemeinnützige Organisationen zu tätigen. Diese Organisationen widmen sich Themen, die uns persönlich am Herzen liegen. Ihre Arbeit hat tiefgreifende positive Auswirkungen auf unsere Gemeinschaft und die Welt.

We are pleased to be able to support the organizations listed below, whose tireless effort and dedication inspire us. Every donation we make reflects our commitment to social responsibility and is a sign of our gratitude to those who work with us and support us.

Learn more about the organizations and their impressive work by visiting their homepage to find out more about the individual projects. 

We wish you and your families and friends a magical holiday season and a happy new year full of hope and success!

We look forward to everything the coming year will hold for us and are very excited to continue working with you.

Your re.venture team

The EDI Buwere Vocational College is a vocational college for crafts located 60 km from Uganda's capital, Kampala, where currently 80 young people from various rural regions of Uganda can learn different trades such as tailoring, masonry, mechanics, and hairdressing. This gives young people the opportunity to find work directly in their villages and to independently enable a better life for themselves.

In addition to the main subjects mentioned above, there are classes in English, mathematics, art, music, dance, drama, and sports, as well as artistic and athletic competitions with other schools, to strengthen the ideas of team spirit, responsibility, and work ethic.

The organization Africa Rise e.V. has been supporting the school since 2008 with the construction of new buildings, important infrastructure, teaching materials, and salaries for staff.

has been fighting against child sexual abuse and child pornography since 1993, with therapy, counseling, prevention, and education. Through their projects, they support children who have experienced sexual violence, their confidants, their confidants and all those who come into contact with the topic either professionally or privately.

The organization has long been advocating for better victim protection and stricter penalties, as well as for destigmatizing the issue through media work and comprehensive public education.

is a non-profit organization centered around Flamenco dance and Spanish folklore, with the goal of promoting Flamenco culture in Berlin.

Children and teenagers from various social and cultural backgrounds are challenged and supported in joint projects as part of the organization's activities. The cooperation with mentally and physically disabled children and teenagers also belongs to the self-chosen tasks of the organization.

Open Street Map is a project founded in 2004 with the goal of creating a free world map. They collect data worldwide about streets, railways, rivers, forests, houses, and everything else commonly seen on maps. Because they collect the data themselves and do not copy it from existing maps, they also hold all the rights to it. Incorporating map material on websites, in educational materials, or for navigation often requires expensive licensing fees or indirect payment through the sharing of personal data. OpenStreetMap data can be used and processed by anyone without licensing fees.

Together with partners EURIST and FABIO, atmosfair has been testing the use of e-bikes as taxis in Jinja, Uganda, as part of the African E-Bike Project since March 2022.

Using the 12 electric bicycles in the pilot sub-project (a total of 100 e-bikes are already on the road), we want to find out how well they perform in daily use and how much CO2 they save: how many kilometers do they travel each day and to what extent do they replace journeys that would otherwise have been made by motorcycle, car, or bus?

So-called Bodaboda bicycle taxis, which have a seat for passengers mounted on the luggage rack, have been used in East Africa for many decades. However, they have been increasingly replaced by motorcycle taxis of the same name, which are faster and less exhausting for the driver - at the cost of greater air and environmental pollution.

Thanks to the electric assist motor supporting up to 30 km/h, the e-bikes can offer an environmentally friendly and – especially with the sharply risen fuel costs – more cost-effective alternative for Bodaboda drivers.

was rounded up and donated by us.