Optimised ground-mounted PV installations

Development of solar farms in larger open spaces and on converted sites

  • Eco-friendly integration into existing landscape topologies
  • Yield-optimised, taking into account nature conservation recommendations and local conditions
  • Use of the latest technical systems from Tier 1 manufacturers
  • Durable and low-maintenance design for reliable operation and lasting yields

Advantages of ground-mounted PV installations

For the environment

For landowners

For municipalities and communities

The challenge of outdoor spaces

High planning standards
High engineering standards

Which areas are suitable?

We develop solutions for rural and urban areas, on low-value land or areas that are difficult to use for other purposes.

Converted areas

Formerly military or otherwise contaminated sites where agriculture is not possible

Intensively used soils

Areas that require high fertilisation and intensive maintenance due to their poor soil values

Industrial and commercial areas

Industrial or commercial areas that are already used as such due to mining or in the vicinity of industrial facilities

Why work with us?

We offer customised and needs-based projects from a single source.

We guarantee expertise and experience in planning and implementation as well as rapid implementation through our interdisciplinary approach. Few interfaces and active communication with customers, operators and other project participants lead to successful projects.