Our favourites: Areas with a low soil class such as conversion areas, landfills and areas with contaminated sites.


We provide green electricity for regional supply to strengthen local structures.

Public utilities

We are expanding the renewable portfolio and diversifying supply.


Sustainable returns through integrated project development

Project developers

Mutual trust and flexible cooperation models to turn your project idea into reality

Industrial customers

Multi-site strategies for energy self-sufficiency


The kind of areas we prefer: the worse, the better.

To make our contribution to supply independence and to further advance the energy transition, we look for suitable sites. We focus our efforts on low-value land and land with low potential agricultural yield.

Our favourite areas have a low soil classification such as converted land, landfills and contaminated sites. We do not develop projects on high-value agricultural land if dual use is not possible. 

For municipalities

Together we can create and share more value.
We help to create energy plans and achieve municipal climate targets – from the project idea to the integrated energy strategy and implementation, taking into account the relevant criteria.

We offer municipalities and communities attractive revenue and participation opportunities, from citizen participation to cooperative models.

What we stand for:

For investors

Through our steadily growing project pipeline, we offer our investment partners high-yield, responsible investment opportunities – sustainable and minimised for risk.

For project developers

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your project plans? We offer you a trusting collaboration and flexible cooperation models for the implementation of your project idea.

Trade and industry

Customised solutions, tailored to your needs

For public utilities and energy suppliers

We help you expand your renewable portfolio and diversify supply from regional, renewable power generation. We, as the operator, assume the risk of development and generation for sustainable price and supply security. We would be happy to help you set up the local charging infrastructure.