Energy Landfill

What are energy landfills?

Development of photovoltaic installations on landfill and contaminated bodies

  • A solution accepted in Germany, which has been approved and widely used. 
  • Reliable and proven technology, on the market for 15 years
  • Strong manufacturers
  • Solid experience of landfill operators, approval and monitoring authorities

Advantages of energy landfills

For the environment

For landfill operators and waste management

For municipalities and communities

Landfill challenges

High planning standards
High engineering standards

Which areas are suitable?

We develop solutions for landfill body classes on contaminated sites (contamination by oil) and sewage treatment plants.


Active or already filled lakes. Sealed landfills for waste


CCovered, sealed construction waste sites or non-hazardous materials


Sealed domestic waste, commercial or municipal waste landfills


Sealed landfills for hazardous waste, above-ground deposits

Why work with us?

We offer customised and needs-based projects from a single source.

We guarantee expertise and experience in planning and implementation as well as rapid implementation through our interdisciplinary approach. Few interfaces and active communication with customers and operators lead to successful projects.